Good graphic design is able to rivet to somebody's attention. It is also surprise, inform and rouse to action. Dark Interactive based in Edinburgh is an energetic company which is concentrated on creating graphic designs. We offer a comprehensive service. Everything provided by us is of top quality irrespective of the level of difficulty and original irrespective of the scale of the project. Ingenuity and sensitivity to colour and composition allow us to create good graphic design.
Moreover, the offer of the company includes standard size plastic cards 84x54x0,76mm and more and more popular flexi-tags of the size 54x28x0,76mm. Our cards are of the unique, durable, and aesthetic character. They are of very high quality. Considering their numerous advantages their use is practically unlimited. All Dark Interactive cards can be signature stripped, barcoded, numbered, personalized. The plastic cards created by us are a perfect advertising element and simultaneously they do an ideal firm promotion. They are used in each life area! The plastic cards increase prestige, take part in creating a modern image of each firm and become omnipresent in our everyday life. last but not least, the plastic cards are not thrown out!
We invite you to get to know with the EMERGENCY CARDS offer...       
By combining pleasure and usefulness i.e. friendly graphics and the card functionality, we are hopeful for broad range of the EMERGENCY CARDS uses and for the peace and quiet of our closest friends and ourselves!
If you are worried about your friends, relatives, the EMERGENCY CARDS will secure peace and quiet you dream about!
...and our INTERACTIVE SERVICE which is to your advantage.
The project with the essential description in the form of three virtues forms an interactive task grounded on the constructive optimizing!
There are three advantages of the project:
1. The reduction of costs' production resulting from dividing one flexi-tag into two different but compatible firms.
2. The range extension and effectiveness of advertising by distributing the same flexi-tag among different surroundings.
3. Making profits considerably faster due to flexi-tags' distribution by different companies at the same time.
We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the quality of the products made by us and also the beneficial effects which will be observed soon after using this effective and impressive marketing instrument!
C H O O S E   Y O U R   O W N   W A Y   T O   W I N ...